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Welcome to 2021

Dearly Beloved,

Calvary Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The preparation for the UK Fresh Oil Retreat 2021 is in top gear but first we must praise God and thank Him for His faithfulness of the past years. We bless the name of our God who has seen us through unprecedented times and remains our Rock and hope for years to come. To Him alone be glory, honour and praise for ever more. 

In 2019, one of our visions was for the Fresh Oil Retreat to become a global phenomenon within 5 years with attendance records in the thousands and delegates from all the continents of the world. A year later in 2020, the UK Fresh Oil Retreat due to the pandemic was hosted virtually for the first time. What the enemy meant for evil became a platform for growth and expansion. The 2020 Retreat was a huge success with record breaking attendance from all continents. Our dreams are becoming our reality and we have the Almighty God to thank for it. We have dared to dream even more knowing that we have El Shaddai as our guarantor and sufficiency.

As a ministry, 2021 is our year of walking in His likeness. As we continue to tow the path of the Master, He is calling us at this year’s Retreat to be prepared and ready for Him. We are particularly excited about this Retreat because the month of May is our month of greater grace and we are trusting God for an exponential experience like never before. So, for the second year running, the UK FRESH OIL RETREAT 2021 scheduled for Thursday 27th – Saturday 29th May 2021 will be hosted online as a VIRTUAL RETREAT and broadcasted on YouTube and Facebook. The theme is ‘BE YE ALSO READY’ (Matthew 24:44). There is a need for each and every one of us to be ready as the times are unprecedented.

Please note that registration for the Retreat is free but required. You can Register Here.

As you continue to pray along with us, we also encourage you to broadcast the event to friends and those around you. God has prepared a feast for us and He is waiting for us to come dine with Him at a time like this where we are in need of His help.

Thank you for your continuous support. You remain in our prayers and we are confident in Christ Jesus that it is well with you and every member of your family.

We look forward to hosting and seeing you at the Retreat.

Yours in His Service

Evang Gboyega & Pst (Mrs) Wunmi Shitta,

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